Job Title:            Part Time Transitional Housing Peer Support Staff
Department:       The Life Exchange Center
Reports to:         Executive Director/Lead Peer Support
Salary Range:     Starting at $10.00-$12.00 per hour  for 20 hours Per Week

Program Description
Life Exchange Center’s Transitional Youth Peer Support Program is designed to offer help and support to five young adults with Mental Illness/Substance Abuse (18 to 24 Years) as they make important life decisions based on mutual respect and personal responsibility. Peer Support focuses on wellness and security rather than on illness and disability.

Five consumers live in a six unit apartment building which has an additional unit to accommodate Peer Support Staff. The service is provided by individuals who have had direct experience living with and overcoming mental health challenges. Peer support workers are employed for the reason that, having used mental health services, they are able to draw upon these experiences in a positive and enlightening way to help and support the residents in the apartment complex, who are commencing their own journey of recovery.

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