A Program Designed by
Orlando Grant,
Former Executive Director

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Life Exchange Center (LEC) is a peer-run, consumer-driven support program that offers peer support, advocacy, and education to empower mental health consumers to take part in their recovery process. Its primary purpose is to provide opportunities for members to interact in a supported environment where the principles of self-determination, advocacy and empowerment are encouraged within the program day. lec programs originate and are facilitated by the peer support staff, who share common issues and needs with the consumers. lec programs include Ged classes and educational activities, life skills training, computer classes, art, social and recreational activities, and an advocacy service. The programs are designed to promote socialization, wellness, self-confidence, self-advocacy, expansion of support systems, and assimilation back into the community. The goal is to empower mental health consumers to live as independently as possible.

Class Offerings

33-week classes shaped after ATS' Discover the Artist Within You.
Basic Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint training, simple networking and web searching techniques.
Emphasis on basic language - travel phrases and common phrases.
Basics of gardening and environmental responsibilities associated with gardening.
Emphasis on logical thinking, abstract reasoning, mental arithmetic, and mathematical tools.
Development of fundamental reading skills, improvement of self-monitoring skills and vocabulary development.
Solid grounding in journalism basics - learn how to write stories with added photography.
Dancing through seven primary areas of mindfulness in motion: breath, sound, body, story, mind, spirit and fusion.
The importance of recovery, and the connection between addictions and mental health Illnesses.
Open up opportunities to learn and experience new skills and increase existing skills.
Water based exercising and swimming that improves the overall quality of life.
Directed towards personal relationships, hygiene and socialization.
Make the correct beauty choices when it comes to hair, make-up and nails to increase self-confidence.
A course that encourages unity and respect as the ladies learn to openly communicate with one another.
Encourage good health and wellness habits essential to getting and staying healthy.
Encourages members to dig deep within themselves and find self-motivation.
Helps members change depressive thoughts, behavior, and negative self-talk.
Teaches the basic fundamentals of cooking and how to cook healthy low carb and low calorie meals.
Supports the understanding of one’s illness and how to deal and adapt to society.
Family oriented atmosphere where members use their skills to play games and improve verbal communication skills.
Appreciate different genres of music and learn how it can be an effective tool in combating negative emotions.
Discussion dialogue based on events and occurrences in the city, state and country and how impacts the world.
Creates empathy, while letting go all negativity, learning a healing process and being positive and motivated.
Trained staff for custodial duties, light maintenance and time management skills needed to operate efficiently.
Yoga increases blood flow, improves relaxation techniques, reduces depression and stress levels.
Get support and sponsors while working as a team with L.E.C. peer support to gain, and/or main sobriety.
Discuss various aspects of healthy living in the way we eat and take care of our bodies with healthy state of mind.
Poetry enhances the intelligence and understanding of the members as they express themselves in a creative way.
Learn basic grammar rules and correct sentence structures; development of reading skills and vocabulary.
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