Life Exchange Center (LEC) is a peer-run, consumer-driven support program that offers peer support, advocacy, and education to empower mental health consumers to take part in their recovery process. Its primary purpose is to provide opportunities for members to interact in a supported environment where the principles of self-determination, advocacy and empowerment are encouraged within the program day. lec programs originate and are facilitated by the peer support staff, who share common issues and needs with the consumers. lec programs include Ged classes and educational activities, life skills training, computer classes, art, social and recreational activities, and an advocacy service. The programs are designed to promote socialization, wellness, self-confidence, self-advocacy, expansion of support systems, and assimilation back into the community. The goal is to empower mental health consumers to live as independently as possible.

LEC University is designed to measure the impact of group activities offered at the life exchange center to our members (consumers) in a college like atmosphere.

The classes will be facilitated in the group settings to determine the impact each specific group is having on its members in their recovery process. courses will include but not be limited to; life Skills development, Math & Reading enhancement, Recovery dialogue, Art therapy, environmental Services, computer classes, cooking/Food Preparation, Gardening, and healthy lifestyles.

LEC University will offer 27 classes/Groups over four eight week periods. each member will choose four core classes/groups and four elective classes/groups. Members can select to join additional groups of interest to them beyond the 8 that we are encouraging them to join.

The impact of this program will be on a case by case bases. each member will be judged on his or her own level. We will conduct pre and post survey to measure the impact of the classes on the members. Individual impact assessments will take place for each member for all of the classes/groups that they participate in.

At the end of the year, the LEC University will have a graduation to celebrate the accomplishments of the members who completed the program.

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